Emerald Solutions Portfolio

June 26th 2021

Emerald Solutions Portfolio

A portfolio site for the Saudi based System Integrator Emerald Solutions.


This project was to create a portfolio/brochure website for the Saudi based System Integrator, Emerald Solutions.


  • Design and Branding

    The client wanted a modern, simple, sleek design. With no distracting colors and brought their own logo and branding.

Color Reference

White #0a192f #ffffff
Bunker #112240 #0c1216
Tradewind #233554 #66afaf
Abbey #8892b0 #4e535b
Gossamer #a8b2d1 #029787

The vibrant greens, green shades and gradients usually imply trustworthy-ness, confidence, and high energy, as well as promoting feelings of liveliness, freshness, and creativity in the viewer.

We wanted the content to be the center of attention, and the design to fade in the background and never be too distracting or annoying, so we made liberal use of whitespace and used dark and light gray in the copy according to the emphasis certain parts needed.

  • Functionality

    This website needed an admin dashboard giving the owners the ability to modify, add, and delete any content on the website.

    As well as a contact form that sent the owners email notifications whenever a new submission was made.

    Major requirement were also low latency for viewers of all regions of the world, constant uptime, and responsive and smooth page transitions. This meant that the best approach was to use the JAMstack to create a light, optimized, and responsive application, with the ability to host it on services like Netlify or Vercel to make use of their CDN and massively scaling services in case of heavy traffic.

  • Pages

    The client needed multiple pages to introduce themselves, as well as their services and partners.

    A list of pages:

    • Home
    • About
    • Solutions
    • Services
    • Partners
    • About
    • Admin Dashboard
  • Gallery

    Here are some screenshots of the project.

    Emerald solutions landing page

    Emerald solutions about page

    Emerald solutions services page

    Emerald solutions partners page

Abdulrhman Elkayal | 2021